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GPS tube Simrad NSS7 evo3 without transducer 000-13237-001

7-inch SolarMAXTM panoramic HD Display
The SolarMAXTM HD screen technology revolutionizes how to view electronic systems on board, with high definition graphics and excellent visibility in all kinds of conditions. See the screen clearly from any position, sitting or standing, thanks to the extra-large viewing angles.

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Key functions

  • 7-inch SolarMaxTM panoramic hd display
  • Reliable control in all conditions: easily switch between multi-touch control and a full keyboard with rotary control
  • Ecosonda integrated with dual channel chirp, ForwardScan® sonar and StructureScan® hd images
  • Incorporate StructureScan® 3d images, advanced broadband SounderTM features and much more with simrad modules
  • Amply view with HaloTM pulse compression radar, broadband 3GTM/4GTM and other simrad radar solutions
  • Assume total control of simrad automatic pilot systems with touch screen or nss evo3 keyboard
  • The nmea 2000® connectivity module allows to control the engine, sound system and much more
  • Ship with precision thanks to the 10 hz integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver and high gain
  • Enjoy easier route planning with TripIntelTM technology and compatibility with navionics autorouting and jeppesen easy routing
  • Wi-Fi GoFreeTM technology enables the use of online functions as well as monitoring and control through smartphones and tablets
  • Choose between the built-in assembly system of low-profile glass bridge or mounting in support for an installation virtually anywhere
  • Including basic global map

7-inch SolarMAXTM panoramic hd display
SolarMAXTM display technology revolutionizes how to view electronic systems on board, with high definition graphics and excellent visibility in all kinds of conditions. see the screen clearly from any position, sitting or standing, thanks to the extra-large viewing angles. the bright LED backlight and an anti-reflective coating improve the day visibility; the SolarMAXTM hd screens are designed to withstand the summer sun heat with maximum reliability and are perfect for outdoor installations. These screens, suitable for all types of weather conditions, incorporate a protective glass to prevent condensation and never get packed. at all times, whatever the conditions are, the SolarMAXTM hd displays offer you the best quality of vision.

Reliable control in all conditions
The nss evo3 screens allow you to control the boat in your way. with them, it can pass in a fluid way of an intuitive touch screen control with multi-touch gestures to a full keyboard incorporated with a rotating control command. All display functions can be controlled through the touchscreen or keyboard, with the flexibility to use those controls that best fit the conditions of the time and the task you are doing. The complete keyboard controls of nss evo3 also allow you to block the touch screen and use the classic button interface and rotating command without having to use a separate keyboard.

Integrated echoson
All screens nss evo3 incorporate an integrated echo sound module with a multitude of simrad sonar technologies adapted to numerous sport fishing and navigation applications. the hd StructureScan® images combine a downscan and sidescan sound to generate views with photographic quality of the structure of the fish banks, while the award-winning sonar ForwardScan® offers a safer browsing experience, with a clear view of the bottom ahead. The broadband SounderTM technology provides a chirp-friendly fish detection probe that includes compatibility for the "all-in-one" TotalScanTM or two-channel chirp transducers. Two-channel transducers cover various depth ranges and cone angles in a single unit, and are perfect to target specific parts of the water column in sport fishing applications. the two transducer ports allow simultaneously to sound StructureScan® hd or ForwardScan® and chirp or traditional.

Compatible with simrad expansion modules
The nss evo3 displays are compatible with the simrad expansion modules, including the revolutionary 3d StructureScan® image system, the advanced broadband sounder S100 with chirp and many other "plug-and-play" network modules. module performances can be shared between several nss evo3 screens and the ability to add modules at any time assumes that the simrad screen system can easily grow and evolve to the rhythm of so interest in navigation and technological needs.

Radar system control
Expand so with the HaloTM pulse compression radar, broadband RadarTM or hd digital radar solutions. the nss evo3 screens are integrated with these network-connected simrad radar solutions to provide a complete radar interface with simple predefined modes, custom manual tuning, white marpa tracking, range areas, overlapping views and many other functions depending on the radar system you choose.

Integration with automatic simrad pilot
Assume total control of the simrad automatic pilot with the touch screen or the nss evo3 keyboard. set a course, keep it against wind and tide, rule the boat to a waypoint or follow a complex route with the simple controls shown on screen. evo3 nss displays can be used as the unique controller of a "black box" automatic pilot system or can be combined with specific autopilot drivers and wireless remote controls. you can control a simrad automatic pilot system in network from any nss evo3 screen on board, a function that is perfect for two timon boats.

Nmea 2000® connectivity
The nmea 2000® connectivity, a industry standard, makes it possible to integrate into the ship as a whole a series of electronic systems of simrad and third companies, such as engine and fuel monitoring functions, digital instrumentation, ais integration and control of the sound system, among many others.

10 hz integrated gps receiver
All evo3 nss displays include a high-speed integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver that updates its position ten times per second, a particularly useful feature to effectively track the movement of very fast motor vessels. in installations with outdoor mounting and in installations with built-in assembly of numerous fiberglass vessels, this prevents you from having to buy and install a separate gps receiver. an optional external gps receiver can be heard as an auxiliary position source or, in certain facilities that prevent the arrival of a clear gps signal to the integrated receiver.

Customizable function key
The nss evo3 includes a function key programmable by the user to access the chosen functions at the time. with a single button, you have the possibility to access the function you most use: navigation, autopilot or radar. You can also assign the button to a function you want to have at hand, such as creating a mob key for emergencies, a specific key to saving sound records for insight genesis or a key to block the touch screen while using the keyboard or an external controller. you can select two any functions, one for a quick press and one for a prolonged pulsation.

TripIntelTM technology
Designed for motorboats, TripIntelTM technology controls and displays the key information you need to plan safe and safe maritime days. make smart decisions thanks to the superposition of fuel autonomy on the cards, easily access current and future tide levels, and a detailed history of earlier so paths. While browsing, the cruise performance indicator facilitates trim and accelerator garlic to achieve the maximum fuel economy and stay in the "green zone", thus maximizing distance and maintaining low fuel costs.

Easier navigation thanks to the automatic route
The automatic route provides the comfort of the car navigation to the boat by helping you trace a route and to get started in less time. simply select a destination and your evo3 screen will suggest the shortest and safest route taking into account the currents and dimensions of your boat. this feature is available with navionics+ or navionics platinum cards (navionics autorouting), and with the MAX-N+ cmap cards of jeppesen (jeppesen easy routing).

Wi-Fi integrated GoFreeTM
Integrated Wi-Fi GoFreeTM allows you to download internet cards, create maps of insight genesis and easily update system-wide software. Find and purchase a variety of online cartography resources at the GoFreeTM shop store and download the cards directly on the screen memory card without unhindering the rudder. load the sonar records stored on the screen directly into the genis insight cloud service to create detailed custom cards; a perfect way to explore so preferred fishing spots, both indoor and coastal. GoFreeTM internet services can be used anywhere you have a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Integration of smartphones and tablets with GoFreeTM link
With the boat on the water, GoFreeTM Wi-Fi and the free GoFreeTM link app let you see the nss evo3 screen with an apple iphone or a smartphone with android, as well as control it from an apple ipad or a tablet with android. Take the screen with you anywhere on the boat to access cards, radar data, sound, engine and much more information, joto at the place.

Various assembly options
Evo3 nss displays can be easily installed by mounting on support almost anywhere, or by mounting to get the look of a fully integrated glass bridge system. These screens feature a low mounting profile of just eight millimeters and the same contemporary and elegant style as other simrad glass bridge products, such as multifunction screens, radar control units, fishing gears, automatic pilot drivers, instruments and keyboards.

Maximum compatibility with cartography systems
Choose from a wide range of cartographic options to better fit your location and use thanks to the compatibility of C-MAP MAX-N+ cards, navionics, insight, genesis and digital nv. this model includes a basic world map.

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GPS Plotter Sounder
Size screen
PMA Transductor
1 kW
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