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Fishing equipment rental

Now you can rent a rod and reel kit with filament included if you need it for a few days in some of our stores. The prices will depend on the type of equipment you rent, with prices ranging from €12.00 to €15.00 per day.

We have equipment for Spinning, Jigging/Casting, Egging, Rock Fishing, Surfcasting...

We also offer you a wide range of accessories that you can purchase at special prices.

Learn more at any of our stores.


1.- This lease will have a duration of the total days that appear in the Total days section on page 1 of this contract.

2.- The lessee will pick up and deliver the equipment or equipment during the center hours that appear on page 1 of this contract. The return of the rented equipment will take place at the rental location, on the day that appears on page number 1 of this contract in the End date section. The delay in the return of the equipment will entail the payment of the fee corresponding to the total time in which the equipment is available to the user. In addition to this, if the delivery is not made, the lessor may take immediate possession of the equipment in the place where it is located, without having the right to any claim by the lessee.

3.- The lessee will return the complete material and in the same state in which it was delivered. Any claim regarding the condition of the equipment must be formalized at the time of delivery. The cost for repair or replacement of the equipment will be borne by the lessee, who must inform the lessor of the damage caused to said material or its malfunction. The renter is obliged to take good care and take all necessary precautions to protect the rented equipment from damage, loss or theft. If any of the aforementioned situations occur during the rental period, the client will immediately assume all the replacement costs caused at the price that appears on page 1 of this contract. At the end of the rental period, the lessor will determine the conditions of delivery of the rented material and will value, if applicable, the losses or damages caused.

4.- The lessee is obliged at all times to use the equipment correctly. It will be the lessee's responsibility to adopt measures to prevent theft, loss, theft, etc. of the team. In case of robbery, theft, loss, etc., the lessee must pay the value of the property object of the loss, theft, robbery or similar action.

5.- The tenant declares to have the necessary fishing permit to practice fishing or, failing that, declares that he will request it. In any case, you assume the risk involved in carrying out an activity of these characteristics without the necessary permission required by the competent authority in the area.

In the same way, the lessee as the main user of the rented equipment or as a person who authorizes a minor in his care to use it, is in any case responsible for it and its use.

6.- In this act, the lessee delivers to the lessor, a deposit for the amount that appears in the Deposit section on page 1 of this contract by credit card or in cash, which will serve to respond for possible damages caused to the rented equipment. , said deposit will be refunded at the end of the contract. In case of not delivering the equipment or suffering a loss or theft of the equipment, the lessor will lose all the right to the deposit, and must immediately notify such circumstance.

7.- The use of the equipment will be exclusive by the lessee (unless it includes renting for a minor), and it cannot be used by a person other than the same or an authorized person. Likewise, the lessee may not assign, sell, mortgage, exchange or sublease the equipment or part of it, the lessee being responsible at all times for breakages, damage, losses, etc. property suffer. The lessee, on his own initiative, may not integrate any element in the equipment. Partial and/or total disassembly and/or manipulation of the equipment is prohibited, except in the case of assembly on the fishing line and as long as it has the skills to do so.

8.- The use of the equipment outside the island where the rental center is located is prohibited unless expressly authorized to do so.

9.- The data provided by the client will be used exclusively for the correct provision of the contracted service, being able to request, in accordance with the law, its access, rectification, cancellation or opposition through communication by any means to the lessor. This contract is governed by Spanish law.

10.- The client declares to read, listen, understand and ask in case of doubt the general advice that regarding the specific use of the rented material, the recommended personal material and the basic advice on safety, conduct and respect for the environment, are commented on and attached in an informative document, by the organization to the delivery of the rented material.

11.- This contract is governed by Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction will be exclusively the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.



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