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paddle surfing

PADDLE SURF, also called Paddle Surf, Paddle Surf, Stand Up Paddle or abbreviated SUP, Stand up Paddle Surf etymologically comes from the Hawaiian language. There it is called "Ku Hoe He'e Nalu" and it means to stand up, row or paddle, sail on a wave. It is one of the water sports that has gained more popularity in recent years, becoming a trend in water sports . It can be practiced in the sea, in lakes, reservoirs and rivers, at any age since it is a very entertaining activity, whether it is to discover new places, practice in the waves or enjoy crossings and always with the sensation of walking on Water. To enjoy paddle surfing, very few elements are needed, just a surfboard and a paddle or paddle. In addition, with our inflatable models the space we need for storage and transport is minimal.

OCEAN our brand of Paddlesurf (SUP)

Our idea is to offer an offer of paddle surf boards with an excellent quality/price ratio, resistant, with an excellent design adapted for a wide range of people, offering users quality material but extremely compact, inflatable, that can be at the height of the rigid material but with all the advantages of being able to carry it on the back, in the trunk of the car or store it in the closet or under the bed.
Most of the offer of our paddle surf boards is oriented to the crossing. What is it about? Very easy, being able to go from one place to another in the simplest, most fun and economical way. From discovering a nearby cove with no access from land, "snorkeling" standing on our boards to contemplate the bottom under our feet as if we were flying, playing on the shore and having fun falling into the water and even going fishing or using our paddle board paddle as a support vessel for another larger ship at anchor. There are many possibilities for both children and adults.

Why practice it? Benefits of Paddle Surfing.

Paddle Surfing (SUP) is a sport that we can practice at any age and with practically any physical condition.
No wind or waves are necessary to practice it and the standing position allows you a lot of visibility. The proximity to the surface of the water is a great way to relax, sunbathe and keep fit in the sea, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, etc. also releasing the stress we accumulate.

Swollen or in its transport bag, versatility and little space.

We offer inflatable paddle surf boards in addition to accessories, once deflated they will take up very little space in your home or garage, however when they are inflated they offer a robustness and rigidity that has nothing to envy a rigid Epoxy board, due to its interior material. , we use DROPSTICH technology.
This manufacturing technique allows Sup paddle boards to withstand an inflation pressure of up to 20/25 PSI, achieving unbeatable navigability and stiffness.

Types of paddle surf boards.

There are different ways to practice this sport: Walking, Yoga, Surfing, Racing, Fishing,...
This means that there are different board designs depending on their use and that they are manufactured based on the weight of the sailor. The size (length and width) and the shape of the Table will provide us with a series of characteristics that will offer us more or less stability, maneuverability or speed.

which model to choose

It is important to take into account our weight and level of practice, with this we must choose a suitable table within the available sizes. All our tables have the weight and measurements. Keep in mind that the more volume, the easier it will be to maintain balance when standing, since the board will float better. However, if it has a lot of volume, it will weigh more and you will need more strength to handle it. Measures that will help you in your choice
Less than 65Kg a board shorter than 9' (270cm) is recommended
Between 65 and 90Kg a table between 9' and 10' (270cm and 300cm) is recommended
Over 90Kg or 2 people, a table over 10' (300cm) is recommended

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