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The HALO® 3000 radar offers a superior experience in water.An impressive power of 130 W, equivalent to a 25 KW magnetron radar, offers an unmatched combination of short and long-range coverage that allows you to see targets from six meters (20 feet) to 96 nautical miles with exceptional clarity.Pulse compression technology drives safe navigation through sports ports and superior detection of storms and dangers at a greater distance.HALO 3000 not only increases the knowledge of the situation and the prevention of collisions, but also offers a detection of higher resolution targets that you will not find on the less powerful radars.

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Bird + Mode

Designed with an intuitive interface that ensures that even a rookie can operate the radar, HALO 3000 facilitates navigation with smart features such as Harbour, Offshore, Bird and Weather modes.These preset modes do not require manual adjustment, just select the chosen and ready mode.

Safer navigation

HALO 3000 has a series of new features that make navigation safer and offers tranquility.

ZoneTrackTM provides the best of professional navigation technology to recreational users, allowing them to track up to 50 vessels within a defined area, automatically detecting their course and speed.HALO's dangerous targets alerts highlight the range, graphic direction and direction of other vessels in relation to yours.Meanwhile, VelocityTrackTM uses Doppler technology to display color-coded targets so you can identify potential threats at a glance.Because, when it comes to security, the situational consciousness is everything.

Legacy of HALO

The next generation of pulse compression radars, HALO 3000, is based on the features that have turned HALO into an established option for sailors around the world.Solid state technology puts it into operation quickly, and HALO's pulsed low-power transmissions make its operation safe in ports and marinas.The dual range mode allows you to monitor distant weather cells while closely monitoring the canal markets and high-speed vessels.Advanced digital signal processing gives you a clearer view of the objectives, which helps eliminate parasites echoes of the sea, while Beam Sharpening provides an improved separation between small or distant goals.Finally, HALO 3000 occupies the same space as its predecessor, which facilitates the updating of its current system.It also supports a range of Simrad® plotters, including NSSTM, NSXTM, NSOTM and GOTM.

Power of 50 W for wider range (from 6 m to 72 nm) and detection of higher resolution targets

Advanced pulse compression technology with beam sharpness

Dual-range simultaneous operation

Easy operation with the modes Port, Coast outside, Climate and Aves

Monitoring up to 50 goals with ZoneTrack

VelocityTrack Doppler technology to prevent collisions

Hazardous targets alerts for radar and AIS targets

Ready instantly from the waiting mode and in 16-25 seconds from the on

Available in 3, 4 and 6 foot arrangements

FCC/IC/RED Certification Compliance: SERIE HALO 3000; FCC ID: RAYHALO3000 (Navico Inc.) IC ID: 978B-HALO3000 (Navico Inc.)EU RED: Emissions that meet SM1541-4 (including future design objectives of -40 dB/dec) and EN302-248 V2.1


Ethernet Via RI-50, 1 x 100 Mbit Adapter RJ45 to 5 yellow pin supplied)

NMEA 0183 Via AT-10 HD or MFD

NMEA 2000 Offline NMEA 2000.The course and other navigation data are sent to the radar via the Ethernet network


Energy consumption, max.250 W (pic, 12 V) at maximum wind speed

Power consumption, typical 45-75 W (average) with zero wind speed

Recommended 25 A for 12 V or 15 A systems for 24 V

Power supply Entry radar system 12 O 24 V CC on the RI-50; 12 V 10.8 - 15 V CC systems, 24 V 20 - 31.2 V CC systems.The pedestal voltage input is 50 V DC nominal generated by RI-50


Operating temperature range -25 °C to +55 °C (-13 °F - 131 °F)

IEC60945 shock and vibration Product exposed

IPX6 Waterproof Classification

multifunction display

Safe distance from compass: metric, imperial STD.1.0 m (3.3 ft) Address 0.5 m 1.6 ft

Dimensions (diameter x height) 4.73 feet/1443 mm/(56.81)


Dimensions (An. x Al. x Pr.) 324 mm x 429 x 339 mm (12.76" x 16.81" x 13.35

Weight Kit weight 30 kg (66.1 pounds)


Width of beam 1.8°+/-10 % (-3 dB wide) – 1.3° with beam sharpness mode activated: Vertical beam width 25° +/-10 % (-3 dB wide)

Maximum range, scale 96 nm

Maximum operating speed of wind 80 knots (all antenna sizes)

Minimum range, scale 75 m (300 feet)

Proa radar modes up, North top

Radar technology pulse compression

Rotation speed 16 to 48 rpm according to operating mode.

SART/RACON Shooter Yes, shooting distance: approximately 1 nm max.Depends on the weather, state of the sea and position of the SART


Warranty period 2 years

Interface Simrad MFD

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