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Sonda gps lowrance hook Reveal-5 with hdi transducer 50/200 600w. CHIRP/DownScan 000-15502-001

From the world's most sold fishing probe series comes HOOK Reveal, a new fishing/plotter probe with one of our most popular features: FishReveal TM. This powerful fish search tool combines proven identification of lowrance CHIRP sonar goals with the high-resolution pictures of DownScan ImagingTM details and background structure. That gives you the best fishing view, which allows you to point to fish and get the best view of how they relate to the structure without the need for a CHIRP-DownScan Imaging TM split screen.
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€334.51 €380.12

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C-Map Discover L:Canaries, Madeira/Azores M-EW-Y209-MS

C-Map Discover L:Canaries, Madeira/Azores M-EW-Y209-MS

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Cartografia C-Map Reveal Larga - West of Europe M-EW-Y228-MS

Complete battery kit Powerkit lithium 12V 10Ah

Complete battery kit Powerkit lithium 12V 10Ah

Briefcase waterproof box 235X187X95 w/foam 4" - 5"

Briefcase waterproof box 235X187X95 w/foam 4" - 5"

Cartografia C-Map Reveal Larga - Southwest of Europe M-EM-Y076-MS

Cartografia C-Map Reveal Larga - Southwest of Europe M-EM-Y076-MS

Cartografia C-Map Discover Norte de España M-EW-Y207-MS

Cartografia C-Map Discover Norte de España M-EW-Y207-MS

Cartography C-Map Discover West Mediterranean M-EM-Y200-MS

Cartography C-Map Discover West Mediterranean M-EM-Y200-MS

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Designed to make the most of your time in the water, HOOK Reveal ensures you get the best probe image every time with Autotuning Sonar, a unique feature that automatically adjusts the probe settings as fishing conditions change. Our HDI 83/200 and 50/200 models provide improved probe performance in deep waters, in addition to our TripleShot models, you can cover more water in less time with double probe coverage of other fish seekers.

HOOK Reveal comes with compatibility with the C-MAP table so you can see the fish as well as the real time mapping of Genesis Live. Map of unknown areas, up to 1⁄2 foot contours, with Genesis Live.


Fishes are easier to find and identify with FishReveal, which combines in one screen the proven performance of Lowrance's CHIRP probe and high-resolution images of the structures in which DownScan Imaging fish are found. Fishing objectives illuminate the screen.

Real-time mapping Genesis Live

Create custom maps with an interval between batimetric curves of just 15 cm (1/2 foot) of your local lake or of unknown waters and in real time with Genesis Live on the screen of your HOOK Reveal.

Probe with automatic settings

It spends more time fishing and less time reorganizing the configuration thanks to the HOOK Reveal probe, which guarantees you the best image at all times by automatically adjusting your settings as the fishing conditions change.

TripleShotTM high frequency CHIRP tube with SideScan and DownScan ImagingTM

TripleShotTM is perfect for fishermen who want all the probe information from a single transducer, as it has the high frequency and wide angle CHIRP probe fish search capability, and offers high resolution images of the structures in which the fish from SideScan and DownScan ImagingTM are found.

Average/high frequency CHIRP 83/200 HDI and low/high frequency CHIRP tube 50/200 HDI and DownScan ImagingTM

Perfect for fishermen who want the best views under the boat, even in deep waters, 83/200 HDI and 50/200 HDI have the ability to search for fish from the CHIRP probe, and offers high resolution images of the structures in which the fish of DownScan ImagingTM are found.

SolarMAXTM screen

Enjoy a clear and clear vision regardless of conditions, even under the direct sunlight, with the HOOK Reveal SolarMAX screen.

Simple menus and easy-to-use programmable keyboard

Browse easily through the menus, select the options and access the key features with the simple layout of the menus and the HOOK Reveal programmable keyboard.

Main features


Real-time mapping Genesis Live

Probe with automatic settings

Transducer 83/200 HDI with average/high frequency CHIRP and DownScan ImagingTM

Preloaded global core map

SolarMAXTM screen

New color pallets for the probe

Optimized keyboard with a key to the main functions

Cartographic options include C-MAP, C-MAP Genesis and Navionics®, among others

Slot for microSD cards

Easy mounting on support or instrument panel

Improved probe performance in deep waters

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Product Details

Data sheet

GPS Plotter Sounder
Size screen
Transducing power
PMA Transductor
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High performance battery based on a soul of Lithium Ion cells of the highest quality, Power kit presents this product under the criteria of maximum efficiency and utility with a weight of only 650 gr you can take it anywhere. The main characteristics are its lightness, safety, durability and reliability, which together with its resistance to the marine environment (waterproof) make it one of the best options on the market.

Kit Content:
1 - Portable Battery
1 - Smart charger
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Octopus squid

Following the stunning success of our previous models, the OKI JLC® comes to be a new benchmark in the fishing world. Our intention is to bring to the market a REAL, LIGHT AND FAST seam, which marks the difference in effectiveness and allows the enjoyment of lovers of this type of samples.

The body measures 123mm, which is the same for all weights.

The assembly includes plumed ass (at the chosen weight), OKI JLC® body and main ankle.

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Kabura Inchikus Jigs
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Cast Slim Jig, it is a thin jig for shore slow jigging with which the descents are fast and effective since it achieves better penetration in the water column when it slides.

It is made to accurately cast and capture a wide range of species since with the Shore jigging technique it can be used at various depth ranges, passing at times to normal shore jigging. This modality is highly fun and you will be able to catch many fish: pelagic, coastal, flat fish, rock fish, etc.

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Kabura Inchikus Jigs
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Perfect imitation of a fish with an exceptional finish. It has a very compact size that allows you to be easily thrown sinking quickly. Very polyvalent, it can be used both from land and from boat in spinning, as well as in vertical techniques (jigging/slow jigging). Its realism will not leave indifferent to any marine predator, pelagic, lubinas, ears...

It also has the new RATTLE system with internal balls that emit attractive sounds that will be irresistible.


Specific rod for vertical fishing in Slow Jigging.
The lightness of its blank and its parabolic action make it perfect for long days of fishing with jigs of up to 200 grams.
Thanks to the height of its spool holder, we can place it perfectly under the armpit and always have a comfortable pumping position.
Mounted with K-rings.
FUJI VSS+TVSK reel seat.
Fabric cover.

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The MAX Pro suitcase is made of high impact resistant ABS and has an IP67 certified outer shell, which means that it is 100% protected against dust and completely submerged in water at less than 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The case guarantees great durability and can be used in different applications, from marine uses to photography, fishing, mountain activities or to transport your electronic devices.

The interior of the suitcase is filled with foam on the top and bottom, so you can adapt it by cutting it according to the content you want to store or protect.

Technical shirts

Geo technical t-shirt made of 100% microfiber polyester by high quality sublimation. It has reinforced seams. Anti-radiation and UVA rays and antibacterial - anti-odour ultra-fast drying fabric.

100% Polyester Microfiber
Anti-radiation and UVA rays fabric UPF50
sublimation printing
Antibacterial and anti-odour ION System fabric
ultra fast drying
ultralight fabric
Quick wash
Premium quality in finishes and seams.



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